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Today is the first day I went to my girlfriend's house. She lives with her older sister Katou, she is a nurse and often has to work the night shift. Whenever she is tired, Ms. Katou often falls asleep on the sofa. She also wore a very loose outfit, causing her big breasts to appear before my eyes. I've always tried to control myself, but when my girlfriend had to leave urgently, I couldn't stop myself anymore. I suddenly approached her, my hands were placed on her big breasts without knowing it. While fondling these big breasts, Ms. Katou seemed to show no signs of waking up. So I became more and more daring. Bury your face in these big tits, suck them, rub your dick on them and Katou still won't wake up! At this point, I could feel extremely secure and proceed to insert my cock into her wet cunt...

KBI-108 Raping big breasted step sister....
KBI-108 Raping big breasted step sister....
 Movie Code: KBI-108 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Katou Hino 
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