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Haruno Ando is 23 years old and has been married for a year. A beautician famous for her beautiful features and gentle demeanor. "I'm often told that I'm a neat and clean person at work, but I actually have a tongue..." and showed me the forked tongue that can move freely. “My husband loves being licked by my tongue and is very pleased with it.” She said she wanted to try other men while her husband praised the double-pronged tongue technique that she had rarely seen. In fact, it seems like she's not satisfied with sex with her husband... "It's just the sex I've been serving since I've been dating..." I want give-and-take sex that I can be satisfied with. If you're a man, watch the big SEX convulsions of your fucking slutty wife! !

VEO-072 A multi-talented and lustful woman
VEO-072 A multi-talented and lustful woman
 Movie Code: VEO-072 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Andou Haruno 
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