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By chance, she discovered the massage job from a job application because she was unemployed, so Misaki Sakura asked her husband for his opinion, hoping to work here to be able to cover some of the family's expenses. Is that true? Fortunately, the husband completely agreed without knowing that he had made a very serious mistake. Working in an environment that requires frequent contact with customers' bodies, even Many people even asked to massage their penises, so her personality gradually changed from then on. She became more and more accommodating and her lustfulness also increased from there. , especially many times she proactively massaged the penis even though the customer had no need for this. It was also because of this initiative combined with her soft massage hands that made a Some guys quickly become aroused and lustful, and of course only she can relieve their desires at that moment. From massage work in the work environment unhealthy, but now she has become a spoiled wife, always enjoying sex whenever her customers need it.

UMD-879 My wife is a massage therapist near our house
UMD-879 My wife is a massage therapist near our house
 Movie Code: UMD-879 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Misaki Sakura 
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